Video of Blue Whale Pooping And Leaving Behind a Trail of Bright Yellow Poo in the Ocean Goes Viral


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Nov 19, 2019 11:26 AM IST

Video of Blue Whale Pooping And Leaving Behind a Trail of Bright Yellow Poo in the Ocean Goes Viral

Blue Whale (Photograph Credit: YouTube)

A video of blue whale pooping has gone viral on social media. Whereas which will sound like a disgusting sight to look at, this appears to be like merely gorgeous. The whale was seen opening its bowel off the coast of Australia. Panorama photographer Ian Wiese was recording at Level Picquet, south of Perth when he captured the sight. He was with a whale monitoring workforce who file mammals as they go in direction of cooler waters. The blue whale had migrated south alongside the Western Australian shoreline. The clip reveals the whale forsaking a path of yellow powdered line because it swims throughout. Endangered Whale Shark, the Largest Fish on Earth, Noticed off Florida Coast; Test Pics and Movies.

Ian advised Every day Mail, “We noticed some blue whales 2km out from shore and I had just located the whale when he started doing its business. We have filmed it happening on some other occasions – but never with the bright yellow poo – it was quite surprising.” He additionally stated that typically whale poo is ‘pinky-red color’ however the yellow excrement has left a streak within the ocean. He additionally that the poop indicated that the whale had eaten previously 24 hours.

Blue Whale Takes a Dump Leaving Behind a Yellow Path:

It might have consumed krill someplace off Perth because it swam from Indonesia to Victorian and South Australian border. He added, “It’s really quite important to have this sort of footage for the understanding of the life – they’re still critically endangered.” Curt Jenner of the West Australian Centre for Whale Analysis advised the ABC that blue whales can launch as much as 200litres of poo with every bowel motion. He added, “Their poo is a key nutrient for the ocean environment which essentially creates “pastures” for small fish and krill to feed on. It also helps create the all-important algae that are the source for all marine life.”


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