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Amazon adds features to delete saved recordings from its Alexa devices

A recent report has confirmed that Amazon was working on an easy solution for privacy-conscious individuals and has now announced that the Alexa users can now delete the saved recording of the devices pretty much easily. Users just have to give a voice command to the device and the history of the saved recordings will be removed entirely from the Alexa devices, say reports.

Earlier also such a solution was present amongst the Alexa devices users, but it was not as straightforward and simple as it is now. Earlier users in order to delete the history of the saved recordings had to either visit Amazon website or use the Alexa app.

Nowadays, privacy concerns regarding the voice recordings being stored in the Alexa devices have raised concern amongst the users and Amazon is currently working on them to sort out these concerns. Basically, the major concerns of the users were that the stored voice commands of the users were utilized by the company to train its artificial intelligence.

Amazon has always specified at the packaging of its products regarding the policies according to which they can use the stored data for enhancing the technology, but the point is that how much of the users actually know about the case.

There have been reports that both Alexa, and Apple’s Siri device have been designed in a way to keep the recordings of the commands that had been given to them by their users. But now onwards the new feature that Amazon has added to its Alexa-powered devices will delete everything from the hardware when the users will say “Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

Amazon, in one of the statements also specified that individuals could immediately delete a particular conversation by saying, “Alexa, delete what I just said.”

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