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Samsung smartphone from “A” series will be the most creative smartphone this year: Reports

Though Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the most anticipated and the most awaited smartphone in the market, it is not the most “creative” one, says market watcher and expert Ice universe. There have been reports that Note10 will hit the market in two different sizes, and the smartphone will be available in a total of four models. “The phone will be the optimization and perfection of Galaxy S10 and Note9”, said Ice universe.

Besides, Samsung coming up with its all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, there are reports regarding a second Samsung foldable smartphone that Samsung is willing to launch in the later part of the year. Besides this, there are reports regarding the Galaxy A80, which is also in the pipeline and has a lifting, swiveling and rotating the camera, and the smartphone has a full-screen design.

Though Samsung is looking forward to launching the next foldable smartphone, we are quite sure that Samsung won’t launch its second foldable smartphone unless it wraps up the problems of its first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold. Samsung delayed the launch of its first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold previous month after some of the early reviewers ended up damaging the screen of the device while using it. Reports say that many early users of the phone broke their units within a week usage. Following the smartphone faced issues, Samsung postponed the launch date.

Besides all this, one thing that we can speculate is that the most creative device that Samsung will be coming up this year will be another Galaxy A device. The device will bring some real innovation in the smartphone market following its launch.

Ice universe


“ Believe me, the most creative Samsung smartphone in the second half of 2019 is not Fold or Note10, you just have to wait, don’t ask me more”.

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